Instruction for Shift cable Tool from GLM No.90520


  1. Install shift cable and tighten securely into bell housing see Fig. A Capture
  2. Attach cable end and guide tube to engine side of cable see Fig.B Capture 2
  3. Install engine side of shift cable adjustment tool see Fig.C          Capture3
  4. Slide Bellcrank Alignment Plate onto lower studs of bell housing, use one of the locknuts to hold plate into in place see Fig D.                                   Capture 4
  5. Thread cable guide retainer onto shift cable until all slack is gone see Figure E. Install and tighten retainer screw into shift cable guide. see Figure F.      Capture 6 This GLM Shift cable tool GLM part Number 90520 is now available at my website simply search 90520 at the search bar located at the upper right side of my website.

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90520 90520





Capture 7




A high Performance aftermarket exhaust manifold can deliver a performance increase over a stock OEM exhaust Manifold


      If Proper Designed, it can achieve this by two ways. Separating Exhaust Gas Pulses and Lowering Back Pressure.

Separating Exhaust Gas Pulses

All V8 engines have a firing order that fires two cylinders within 90 degrees of each on the same bank of cylinders. With a firing order of 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 we have #8 and #4 firing on the starboard side of the engine within 90 degrees of crankshaft rotation of each other. Of course, this also means that the exhaust gases for these cylinders immediately discharges into the exhaust manifold one after the other. It is a this point, when the two cylinders fill the manifold in immediate succession, that the exhaust manifold becomes overwhelmed with exhaust gases creating excessive back pressure. In fact, these two cylinders on each bank firing in succession, not only create excessive back pressure in the manifold,but all the way down the exhaust pipe. Excessive back pressure from an overwhelmed exhaust system will not only keep spent gases from leaving the cylinder head exhaust port, but in certain ports, exhaust gases from adjacent cylinders  may find their way back in.

The solution is to isolate each exhaust gas pulse as much as possible for as long as possible in the exhaust manifold. There are aftermarket manifold manufactures that go to great lengths to isolate each exhaust pulse the full length  of the manifold and there are some that barely address the problem at all.

Because the starboard side of the engine fires cylinders 4 and 8 in succession, there is a cylinder #6 separating the two. Dividing this manifold into two different sections buy grouping cylinder #2 and #4 int he front half of the manifold, and #6 and #8 into the back half of the manifold with a divider, works relatively well in isolating cylinders #4 and #8. On the ports side of the engine, we have a problem. The cylinders that fire in succession ,5 and 7, are next to each other. Dividing the port manifold into a front half and back half groups cylinder 1 and 3 together which is okay but also groups cylinder 5 and 7 together (definitely not okay). This is exactly what we are trying to prevent.The correct way to build the port side manifold is to isolate the exhaust gases from cylinders 5 and 7 all the way to the manifold exit. This can not be done with simple divider in the middle of the manifold.

Lowering Back Pressure

Lowering back pressure in the exhaust manifold is a combination of isolating the exhaust pulses as discussed in the previous paragraph and simply making the exhaust system larger. Large passages in the exhaust manifolds, a large exit hole out of the manifold, a large exhaust pipe and large radius curves in the pipe wherever the exhaust gases have to change direction are the secrets to lowering back pressure,

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Hello world!!!!!!!

 I just wanted to send you a little information about who we are and what we do. We are the distributor for  GLM Marine.

GLM has committed itself to producing high quality and cost effective aftermarket marine products. From superior quality materials to the most advanced computerized machinery, GLM has made a commitment to the marine industry and its consumers to deliver the most outstanding, reliable and compatible products to meet the demands of consumers.

All GLM products are brand new from factory and completely compatible and interchangeable with the OEM. In addition, GLM in-house design and engineering actually enables improvement on the original OEM designs. GLM engineering and manufacturing capabilities produce more reliable replacement parts for our customers. Advanced technology, superior materials, and compatibility constantly improve and GLM strives to include these advances in all of its products.

GLM offers an exciting line of unique, exceptional, and everyday repair and maintenance products. Our in-house ability to design and engineering has allowed us to continuously expand our line of factory new products over the years. In the year 2013 alone, we offered over a dozen new and exciting products just to our manifold line!

Consider the additions to the GLM line over the past several years. No other aftermarket manufacturer can compare with the variety of gears, shafts, carriers and cases that GLM has developed and re-designed. At GLM, we continually strive to offer and deliver to our customers improved factory new alternatives to the OEM. When you invest in buying a GLM product, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality aftermarket marine products available. GLM is often the only source for those that seek exclusive products.

With such numerous new products introduced annually, GLM maintains and improves its process to adapt to the demanding industry to deliver the most complete aftermarket marine line to our customers worldwide.

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